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High Efficiency Power Amplifier for DPD

High Efficiency Amplifier

Doherty Configuration for Digital Pre-Distortion (Doherty Amplifier)

Inspower design and support high efficiencyrf power amplifier.
This high efficiency amplifier is designed with symmetrical and asymmetrical Doherty configuration (Doherty Amplifier) for base band digital pre-distortion technique and SCHINETRA's RF PAL linearizer.
Customer will be satisfied with superior efficiency enhancement.

Product Features
Wideband Doherty design up to 30MHz bandwidth
High Efficiency and Low Memory Effect
Extremely cost competitive purchase price
Output power from 30W to 80W
Stable Spurious Characteristic in Wide Temperature range
Field Proven reliability
Test Result
8dB PAR, WCDMA 6FA,2120~2150MHz 30MHz Bandwidth
80W RF Output Power, 25% Efficiency
LDMOS FET + Advanced Doherty Technique
Model Number Freq. Range
Application Spec
ID869-894-30 869-894 30 50 29 4.5 170x175x28 CDMA
ID869-894-60 869-894 60 53 29 9 170x175x28 CDMA
ID2120-2150-30 869-894 30 50 29 4.5 170x175x28 WCDMA
ID2120-2150-60 2120-2150 60 53 29 9 170x175x28 WCDMA
ID2120-2150-80 2120-2150 80 54 29 11 170x175x28 WCDMA

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